The establishment of our esteemed COMPANY was in 2007
and is headquartered in New Cairo

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Our Vision
To Create Iconic Destinations By Initiating Opportunities
Our Mission
We are here to Redefine The Concept of Urban Development
Our Goal
All we care about is our clients' trust and satisfaction with the work



The establishment of our esteemed company
was in 2007

and coincided its launch with the renaissance
of Egypt and its development which gives us pride
today that we were and still one of the leading
companies that have contributed to the
renaissance of urban society and is
headquartered in New Cairo

the company has been noticed over the past
few years a distinct reputation in the design
and consulting engineering and general contracting

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Our Works

The company carries out the design and construction works and this includes the following items :

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Our previousworks

We have a lot of business projects and distinctive designs in Cairo, Ismailia and the Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh
These are some of our works

Elrehab construction

Engineering efficiency

Previous huge business

Designs distinctive and trendy

Why choose ELrehab

Engineering efficiency of our

ELrehab company includes a selection of engineering Alcafouat

Previous huge business

Previous huge business in the construction and building a large and diverse number of sectors such as construction, "villas - apartments - hall - the mosques."

Commitment and responsibility in the start and end dates

Commitment and responsibility in the start and end of all projects undertaken by the company dates.

Designs distinctive and trendy

Our company is characterized by distinctive and trendy, modern and appropriate for all tastes and space designs